Search Engine Marketing

As the name identifies Search Engine Marketing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing)  is the process of marketing using the paid advertisements or SEO results that appers On SERPs. When it involves your website, you’d wish to be found. It’s as simple as that. As well as Search engine marketing (SEM) is the the power of reaching Internet users through both organic program traffic and paid advertising placement. If your website doesn’t show top of search engines organically or through paid advertisements, you’ll not get the traffic and sales you would like, so basically the conlusion is you have to show you website on 1 page either using the paid advertisment services i.e, Google Ads or by the search engine optimization which results in showing your website in the search engine results in order to get the traffic and sales from Search Engine Marketing.

Hike Your Brand is best in providing Search Engine Marketing. We will help you in creating a custom approach to look search engine marketing, which can meet your business’ needs and goals. There are two sorts of SEM, program optimization.

  1. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and
  2. Google Ads(Pay-Per-Click)

Above Mentioned two marketing approaches can have an excellent impact when used together. The search engine marketing experts at Hike Your Brand can help you in creating a unique marketing plan for your Business, Brand, Product or for Services Which is best for your business.

Organised Your Business


Our Team know what it takes to form a successful ROI(Return on Investment) For a business which opts Search Engine Marketing Service. We have a vast experience in developing marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes and during a big variety of industries. We have clients from all around the world and have worked with them to make sure a heavy lift in traffic and improved ROI and Our Search Engine Marketing Service include

  1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO).
  2. Google Ads(Pay Per Click).
  3. Keyword research.
  4. Content Marketing Strategy.
  5. Market Research.
  6. Campaign Management.
  7. In-depth Analysis of Ad-Campaign design and Reporting.



–> Before we start, as well as it’s important that we understand your business’ objectives. From there we’ll develop the simplest program marketing strategy to satisfy your needs and your budget. As well as the strategy could include Google Ads(Pay Per Click), program Optimization or a mixture of both.


–> Of course you would like your website to urge rank on the highest of program results in all search engines, but it takes tons of high-quality work to urge you there. Our program Optimization (SEO) team efforts will help increase visibility on search engines, also as deliver high-quality traffic to your website.


–> Through pay-per-click you’ll appear in search results immediately supported your keywords your budget. You will be ready to track conversions and determine your return on investment. We will assist you determine your budget and optimize your PPC campaign to succeed in your targeted audience.


–> Creating original and interesting content on your website could also be a key for Social Media Marketing. The creative content writing team at Hike Your Brand will work with you and perform extensive research to make sure that each one content written is exclusive and informative.


–> Data and reports are the simplest way to understand if your program Marketing efforts are working. We use analytics and reports to help you get the only out of your program marketing campaigns and determine your return on investment.